Whos Shoes

Words and Music by: Garry Foisy

Title by: Sharon Foisy


Cinderella’s not only a fabled girl
Craving a part of herself
She only imagined could be
And the past would set her free
Once in a moment in time
In war and peace there’s a part of the everything
When all the tables can turn
It all seems to get away
Or is it here to stay
Once we decide to take on the climb and go on
Who’s Shoes would you wear
If you had to step up
If you had to stand all the way into it
Would you cry or crawl
Or stand real tall
Who’s dance would you walk
If you had to break out
If you had to move all alone into it
Would you close your eyes
Or open them wide
Who’s shoes would you wear when your souls are getting thin
And the path ain’t so wide
Vision is narrowing
So damn confusing
But who knows what’s fair
If you look hard you’ll find it was there