Red Lights

Words and Music by: Garry Foisy


What if I die real young

What if I donít and live till Iím ninety one

Only to figure out

That maybe I was right

Or maybe I was wrong


What if I ran real slow

What if I thought I was chased by a ghost

But only in a crazy dream

Maybe Iíll wake in time

Maybe I wonít


I was afraid of my left

Scared to my right

Of things that only come out in the dark night

Afeard of below

Struck that up above

No heaven awaits me pure as a white dove

And in long conversation I flinch thereof

A black cat crawling under ladders of lost love really slow

So let my Red Lights turn to go

Let my Red Lights turn to go


What if moved real close

Uncomfortably so I loved almost

Never completing me

So maybe I will

Now maybe I wonít


What if I lost my own mind

What if I found I was left behind

And everyone were strangers then

Who knows why And who know when