In Spades
Words and Music by: Garry Foisy
Full of blood and thunder
Now and again
I used to wander
Around the bend
For sticks and stones
My ins and outs
And irons in the fire
Always about
Take and acquire
But money to own
Wonít matter alone
So make no bones
Just feel it go
Set it free, donít be jades
Let me breath, let me show
That even the darkness fades
Plant a seed, let it grow
Itíll all come back In Spades
I let sleeping dogs lie
On the back of my hand
Till I sigh
And understand
All of my heart
All of it shown
With my feet on the ground
My place in the sun
Safe and sound
Said and done
To each their own
Is a phrase Iíve known
So leave it alone and
Seems like nothing at all
My fairweathered friend
No time to crawl
No clock to spend
Fake and Fall
Break or bend
More written on my face
Than what meets the eye
All over the place
Itís box and dice	
Keep the pace
Tow the line and