Greensboro Line

Words and Music by: Garry Foisy


Out on the road on 81 southbound
My clothes tossed in the backseat with my neatly packed guitar
These times theyíre harder than I thought Iíd found
So Iím heading out to change my frame of mind by far
Been keeping faith but losing time
So Iím making my way to the Greensboro line

All of these trucks heading the same way drive all night long too
Their wheels kick up the rain in such a steady flow
My windshield wipers are working so strong
But the rhythm of their movement appears to sooth my soul
Taking me on through one more sign
And clearing my way to the Greensboro line
Where nothings glitter and gold
And there ainít no lines
Drawn in the sand	
What goes around comes around
Familiar faces of old
Pass the moments of time
To their kin hand in hand
To keep their feet on the ground one by one
Like mother like son I hum to find my own free 
And I donít even realize a hundred miles gone by
My bodyís close to running on empty
But the sun is rising from the ashes of the night time sky
Just in the nick of time
At the end of a long night
Out and about I feel so fine
For making my way to the Greensboro line